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That's a great idea. I have been caregiver for my mother-in-law for 5 yrs. (she's in a nearby nursing home with alzheimers). Two yrs. ago my husband broke his neck in an accident & is now a c5,6 quadraplegic - I do most of his care at home. We also have 8 children at home, the youngest is 3. This week I was diagnosed with breast cancer & am going to the city about 2 1/2 hrs. away for treatment. You're right - someone else needs to be able to access the info about my family if I can't take care of things for them.
Where can I get the self-help software for caregivers with 85 documents to fill out?

Steve Steurer

I have been doing this for years with my mother’s information. It makes it easier to provide care when everything is organized. I also keep other legal and organizational items in another binder. I found great self-help software for caregivers that has 85 easy to fill out documents that cover everything. It has documents that cover medical matters, personal information, small business related information, children and pet matters and estate documents.

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